Tea identification list
  • Is your stored tea damp?

    Moisture in tea is actually a matter of dryness and humidity. In theory, one criterion for identifying the dryness and humidity of tea is the water content. It is normal for the water content to be less than 7%. If it is higher than 7%, the tea is prone to moisture deterioration.
  • How to tell if the tea has expired?

    In fact, tea also has a shelf life, of course, does not include Pu'er tea, Pu'er tea is one of the older and more fragrant! How to tell if the tea has expired? This is a lot of problems that plague tea friends, and I will introduce them in detail below.
  • 5 manifestations of inferior tea

    Coke refers to the odor generated by the charring of the leaves during the tea making process. Generally, when tea leaves are mixed with some old leaves, if they are not stir-fried evenly, or if there are too many pieces, they are easily burnt and produce coke.
  • How to tell if tea is good?

    There are good and bad teas, you know? Today, I will share with you how to distinguish and learn together.
  • How to identify the quality of tea through tea soup

    Tea soup should be observed while it is hot, otherwise the contents of the tea will condense when the tea leaves are cold, so there is no way to consider it comprehensively. The main points of observing tea soup are mainly the chroma, brightness and transparency of the tea soup.
  • Identify tea from a scientific perspective

    Now the products on the market are difficult to distinguish. The more advanced the identification method, the more sophisticated the fraudulent methods. This is especially true of tea. Today, Xiaobian specially took everyone to look at several scientific methods for identifying tea. Especially two physical and chemical identification methods are the main ones.
  • How to choose Kunlun Snow Chrysanthemum

    How to choose Kunlun Snow Chrysanthemum? Kunlun Snow Chrysanthemum is a natural and precious scented tea drink. It has good pharmacological effects. Drinking it in water has many benefits to the body. Nowadays, there are many Kunlun snow chrysanthemums on the market, which are convenient to buy, but pay attention to distinguish good and bad when buying to ensure that ...
  • Do n’t drink tea with these 6 smells

    A large part of the enjoyment of drinking tea is brought by the aroma of tea. Good tea is refreshing. But if you smell the following six odors, be careful and see if there is a problem with the quality of the tea.
  • Seeing, hearing, smelling, smelling, and touching five easy ways to interpret the quality of tea

    In fact, when you are drinking tea, you don't just drink it with your mouth, but you need to mobilize the five senses of the whole body, so that your feelings about tea will gradually become clear.
  • Can tea quality alone identify the quality of tea?

    When buying tea, you generally look at the shape and color of dry tea and smell the dry fragrance to judge the quality of tea. But tea soup often exposes a lot of information. How to judge the quality of a tea from the tea soup?
  • Teach you how to identify flavor tea

    With the increasing number of people who like to drink tea, some inferior teas appearing on the market that are inferior and inferior to many tea friends are invincible. Some counterfeiting methods, even the "old tea head" may not be able to tell at a glance.
  • How to identify real and fake tea, how to identify tea

    True tea and fake tea can generally be identified by sensory evaluation. It is through the human visual, sensation and taste organs, grasping the inherent essential characteristics of tea, using eyes to see, sniff, touch, taste, and finally determine whether it is true tea or fake tea.
  • Good tea will make your body speak

    There are many criteria for judging good tea, but regardless of these criteria, if you can drink real good tea, your body can speak.
  • How to identify Xinyang Maojian tea

    Taking high profits from it has seriously harmed the interests of consumers. The authenticity of Xinyang Maojian becomes very important. In order to let everyone know and discern what is a good Xinyang Maojian, Xiaobian tells everyone how to distinguish between true and false Xinyang Maojian.
  • How to distinguish between good and bad hair tips

    How does Duyun hair tip distinguish good from bad? Duyun Maojian is one of the three famous teas in Guizhou. It belongs to the category of green tea. It has excellent quality and rich internal quality. It has the value of health care and is worthy of careful drinking. However, when buying all hair tips, you must carefully distinguish the good and the bad to ensure that you buy ...
  • How to tell whether the hair tips are fine or not

    Duyun Maojian is green tea, you should carefully select it when buying, pay attention to distinguish the good and bad quality, and ensure that you can buy good quality tea. Otherwise, if you do not pay attention to the selection, it is easy to buy bad tea. So, how to tell whether the hair tips are uniform or not?
  • The difference between Wuyi cinnamon and Wuyi narcissus

    The following remarks are the experiences and conclusions of Xiaobian himself in the Wuyiyan tea. Let's take the hottest "Wuyi Cinnamon" and "Wuyi Narcissus" in the market at present as to how they can be made to distinguish their good and bad. (The following are personal comments)
  • Distinguish the quality of tea from its taste

    A piece of tea should be judged from dry tea, tea soup and tea base, but for people who lack tea knowledge, it is more difficult to distinguish from dry tea and tea base.
  • Four ways to tell if black tea is moldy

    Humid air easily rots and spoils tea, and although black tea is resistant, it is no exception. So how do you tell if black tea has a musty smell? Here are a few easy ways to identify!