Black tea efficacy list
  • The efficacy and role of selenium-rich black tea makes people live longer and healthier!

    As the source of the ancient tea and horse road in Shaanxi, Gansu, it was integrated into the Silk Road as early as the Eastern Han Dynasty. In the Qing Dynasty, Xing'an Zhifu Ye Shizhen traveled the Han River and improvised a poem: "Peach blossoms are not full of cauliflower.
  • What are the benefits of black tea with chrysanthemums? Ability to health and mind

    Chrysanthemum has the effects of cooling the wind, calming the liver and clearing the eyes, clearing heat and detoxifying, and black tea can refresh the mind, clear the heat and refresh the body, sterilize and diuretic. Putting them together will not only conflict, but also double the effect. Let ’s take a look at the benefits of black tea and chrysanthemums!
  • What are the benefits of black tea boiling milk? There are benefits such as decomposition of heavy metals

    There are many ways to drink black tea. Many people like to mix black tea with milk. It tastes delicious with milk tea. Is there any benefit in cooking black tea with milk?
  • Can people who fall in love drink black tea? Can't drink

    Sexual taste is an important theory of traditional Chinese medicine, and it can be generally called "four flavors and five flavors". Four Qi (or four natures), that is, cold and warm, indicates the cold and heat characteristics of the drug. Black tea is mild tea, not cold or dry, and very mild. Can those who fall in love drink black tea?
  • What kind of constitution is suitable for black tea? These 5 physiques are suitable!

    According to the different constitutions of the human body, the focus of grains and grains is different. Drinking tea is the same. What are the constitutions suitable for drinking black tea?
  • Can you drink Jin Junmei tea for a cold? Not drink

    It's cold in winter, and if you are not careful, you will catch a cold and cold. After a cold in winter, the hot soup is the patient's favorite. Then the question comes. Can I drink Jin Junmei's black tea after a cold?
  • What are the benefits of drinking black tea and roses? Rose black tea has many benefits!

    Roses have the effects of promoting blood circulation and metabolism, diuretic, regulating menstrual pain, and softening the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular. Black tea is mild in nature and contains a variety of water-soluble vitamins and trace element potassium. And this brewed together is delicious and healthy!
  • What is the effect of black tea with roses?

    Rose black tea is a kind of rose tea. It is a kind of scented tea made from high-quality black tea mixed with roses. Rose black tea is a kind of large leaf black tea. In addition to the sweet aroma of black tea, rose black tea also exudes a strong rose fragrance.
  • Black tea with ginger, both made into tea is very good for the body!

    Ginger is often paired with brown sugar to help women ease their cold. As a full-fermented tea, the sweet and mellow black tea is mild in nature and helps to nourish the stomach. It has the reputation of "woman tea". The two are made into ginger black tea which is very good for the body.
  • Is it too strong to drink black tea? 4 points bad

    Some people often ask that black tea has many effects. Is the stronger black tea the better? In fact, drinking too much black tea is just harmful!
  • The Value of Tanyang Gongfu Tea

    Tanyang Gongfu Tea is a famous black tea in history. It has superior varieties, rich taste, fresh taste, very intriguing, mild tea, regular drinking, and the effect on health care is very good!
  • What is the effect of Wuyi Black Tea Zhengshan Race

    The quality of the Masai race is very high, both in appearance and in the aroma and soup color of the inner substance. Then there are many authentic Masai races!
  • Zhengshan Race

    Zhengshan Xiaozao Black Tea has similar effects to other teas. It mainly has diuretic, anti-inflammatory, sterilization, detoxification, refreshing fatigue, refreshing heat, preventing caries, strengthening stomach, intestines, digestion and helping digestion. It is one of the most anti-acidification compound drinks One!
  • The efficacy of Qimen black tea

    Qimen black tea is produced in Qimen County, Anhui, China. It belongs to the six major teas, and it is a tea that many tea friends love to drink. And Qimen black tea has its own different characteristics, that is, its nutritional value is very high.
  • Benefits of Lapsang Tea

    Zhengshan race is the originator of Chinese black tea, and the tea quality is good. It is full-bodied, smoked with pine needles or pinewood, has the fragrance of natural longan and pine smoke, and has a unique and unique health relationship!
  • The efficacy and role of black tea Masanori race

    Black tea has similar effects to other teas, mainly diuretic, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, detoxifying, refreshing and fatigue, refreshing heat, preventing caries, strengthening the stomach and intestines to help digestion, delaying aging, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, anticancer, Anti-radiation effect.
  • Efficacy and Functions of Wuyi Zhengshan Small Black Tea

    The Zhengshan race is produced in Wuyishan, a well-known country in the country. It is a high-quality black tea. It not only has high quality tea, but also has a unique taste. It is favored by a large number of tea friends. Reasonable consumption of Zhengshan race is beneficial to health.
  • Health articles-the anti-allergic effect of black tea

    When it comes to "allergies", everyone can't help but think of "anti-allergy", but in addition to some anti-allergic drugs, drinking more black tea can also help the body fight against allergies.
  • Is drinking strong black tea good for the body? Only harm

    Some people often ask that black tea has many effects. Is the stronger black tea the better? There are divergent opinions on this issue, so is it better to drink a strong black tea or a suitable black tea? In fact, drinking a strong black tea is harmless!