Tea Set Maintenance List
  • How to use the purple sand pot?

    Many people who use Zisha teapots know that Zisha teapots become more valuable, but how should Zisha teapots be raised? What should we do with the new pot? Today we come to learn how to use the purple sand pot.
  • How to maintain the purple tea cup

    There are many tea lovers who like to use tea cups for tea. Due to the unique material of the tea, the tea pot is more ideal for use. The purple sand tea cup does not lose its original taste, and has color, fragrance and taste, which makes the tea flavor strong and delicious. Then the purple tea cup is like ...
  • Tips for maintaining metal tea set

    Tea set is very important for those who love to drink tea, but because of the variety of materials of tea set, many people don't know how to choose, I will share one of them-the source of metal tea set, Cleaning points.
  • Tips for raising a pot: Basic methods of raising a pot

    We all know that the purple sand pot needs maintenance, so that the well-maintained purple sand pot can become more moist and shiny. However, raising a pot is a gradual process. Here we come to understand the basic method of raising the purple sand pot.
  • Soaking method of purple sand pot

    What is the soaking method of the purple sand pot? First, before using a pot, we need to rinse the inside and outside of the pot with water. Because the teapot is extremely absorbent, folks have the saying that "one pot does not serve two teas." Is that really true? its...
  • Zisha pot maintenance knowledge: What is the most taboo thing about keeping a pot?

    The purple sand pot needs maintenance, but the purple sand pot is well-maintained, and it needs to be maintained in the correct way. So, what is the most taboo thing about raising a pot? Avoid keeping the pot in dusty places. When storing the teapot, avoid placing it in oily smoke and dusty places ...
  • How to maintain the newly bought celadon tea set

    Among porcelain tea sets, celadon tea sets appeared first. The celadon tea set is thin and firm, beautiful in shape, full in glaze and jade. Celadon "blue is like jade, bright like a mirror, and its sound is like a cymbal", is called "the flower of porcelain" and is rare and precious. How about the newly bought celadon tea set ...
  • How to raise earthenware tea set

    As the saying goes, "Tea has a tea ceremony, and utensils have its own way." There are utensils for drinking tea, purple sand pots, bowls, and elegant cups. These are elegant or simple. These utensils are indispensable in life. Different tea sets and maintenance methods are different.
  • How to clean ceramic tea set

    For many friends who like to drink tea, there will be a little trouble, that is, the tea set is easily stained with a layer of tea scale. How can you clean these tea sets easily? Many people use rough cleaning tools such as steel balls to scrub This will only make it thinner and thinner.
  • What are the ceramic tea set maintenance tips

    Ceramics are various products made of natural clay and various natural minerals as the main raw materials, which are made by crushing, mixing, molding and calcining. Ceramic tea set is a kind of tea set widely used in daily life. What are the maintenance skills of ceramic tea set?
  • How to raise a ceramic teapot

    China is an ancient ceramic country, with a long history of ceramic culture and various types of ceramics. Ceramic teapots are a type of tea set widely used in life. So how can ceramic teapots be raised?
  • How to clean Ruyao tea set

    There are many tea sets for making tea in life, but no matter what tea set is used to make tea, it must be cleaned and placed as soon as possible after use to maintain the tea set. So, how to clean Ruyao tea set?
  • How to clean the elegant cup

    The elegant cup is different from the traditional tea set. You can watch the color of the tea soup with it to make tea, which is easy to control the intensity. So many people in life also like to use the elegant cup directly to make tea. So, how to clean the elegant cup after making it with the elegant cup?
  • How to clean tea set

    How to clean tea set? After brewing tea, we will clean and clean the tea set. However, because some tea sets have been used for a long time, the tea stains and stains on the top are difficult to clean, and many people ignore them. This is actually incorrect.
  • How to clean tea stains

    How to clean the tea stain of the purple sand pot? Tea scale is the product of the oxidation of tea polyphenols and metal elements in tea, including organic matter in tea leaves that accumulate after being oxidized and polymerized in air. If you use tea pot with tea stain, it is not good for human health ...
  • Do you need to clean the purple sand pot?

    Do I need to clean the purple sand pot? There is no doubt that the purple sand pot needs to be cleaned. The cleaned purple sand pot will not produce tea stains, and it is safe and healthy for us to make tea. However, the method of cleaning the purple sand pot is elaborate, let's continue to understand the purple sand ...
  • How to open a teapot

    The Zisha pot is regarded as the best device for making tea. Using the teapot can not only maintain the color and aroma of the tea, but also have a certain sense of ritual. For a new purple sand pot, the first step is to open the pot. So, how to open a teapot?
  • How to maintain the purple sand pot

    The purple sand pot needs maintenance. After maintenance, the purple sand pot can be used better and more shiny. Of course, the method of maintaining the purple sand pot is also very particular about it, and the correct maintenance is good for the purple sand pot. So, how to maintain the purple sand pot?
  • How to remove tea stains from teapot

    Tea is made in a purple sand pot. After use, we need to clean it. If it is not cleaned, it will easily accumulate tea stains. This is not conducive to making tea and is not good for the purple sand pot. So, how to remove tea stain from teapot?